Collom's General Store

Collom's General Store

Collom's General Store - (765) 548 - 2000Collom's General Store is Bridgeton Indiana's only year round store. The store is located on the Bridgeton Road in Bridgeton, Indiana. Bridgeton, Indiana is located in scenic Parke County, home of the annual Parke County Covered Bridge Festival. 

The store hours are:

There is also live music on the second and fourth Friday nights from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Collom's General Store has the following:

Dan & Kathy Collom recognized the need for a general store in Bridgeton in 2006 when they were building the Bridgeton Covered Bridge.  (Go to the Photo Gallery to see pictures of the bridge as it was being built.) 

In 2008, Dan & Kathy Collom's Square and Level Construction Company was the contractor for the Indiana State Fair Covered Bridge. Visit the covered bridge link on the State Fair Website to see how the covered bridge was constructed.

Come by the store to check out the products available. For more information about the store click on the menu links or call (765) 548 - 2000.

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